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What's that love or friendship...

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The wind is in love of the cloud

Cloud winks upon the river

River wanna meet to ocean

Ocean wanna spare some time great n hunky Sun

& Sun is busy in cuddling with the beautiful Earth

wih his Rays…

Do not stare at them

bcoz It’s the Twenty –  First Century


To avoid any Shit…

Enjoy the Live – In relationship

To make the Life

Hit & Big,

Bcoz scientists says —

Average life is being shorter

The wind is in love of the cloud

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manoj के द्वारा

Nice Poem, , but its not our own…its co[pied.

    nikhilbs09 के द्वारा

    bhai manoj, what are you saying yaar… please take a look on my page, after than you will realise that I can write such poems, anyway thanks so much for you comment, it will make to keep writing such stuff.

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