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Learn Programming in the best Way

Posted On: 15 May, 2010 टेक्नोलोजी टी टी में

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Hi friends!!

This post is actually intended for students like me who are studying in their B.tech (cs) or bca, mca, including all kind of diploma pursuing students, however student of other branch of studies can also learn by this about their own good stuff.

Well Guys, i m always intend to look for better one place where you can get most of good information.

That is why, I have joined many of blog site however i don’t write much but always love to read others; there is a chance that you can learn by yourself… using other experiment in your context. In this way we can learn many new concept we usually do not study in our class room or friend circle. (As i found most of our genious friend are reserved kind for their study; generally they are superstitious kind – think other will know it that we study so hard… and we will lose our chances to stay ahead in Queue. Speaking in a nut shell “nazar lag jayegi” (evil can harm us) :)

Anyway, Friends there is an old adage ” one is intelligent if learns by his own mistake and one, who learn by others mistake or experience , is Genious.”
I used to stick with this line and as well with others… like… well I have stock of such quotes and thoughts – specially about Swami Vivekananda.

So all programming guys get ready to jump to some most important (as i think only, you can rate according to yourself) website of this internet for ICT students

(if any of the given link does not appears as link than please copy paste as it is.)


Well one kind information for management guys too… please make a search in google so that you can learn about the best practices in managing or endorsing about any product or make search for best blog of management practices.
Friend this will definitely list all of best authors blog pages or sites to whom books you are studying in your academic.

Well make bookmarks to your most useful sites and keep them in front of your eyes letting them resides on bookmarks bar. like this->

showing Bookmarks bar

showing Bookmarks bar

The small folders that you can see are placed on Bookmark bar of Google chrome browser.

And I believe, practical knowledge makes one A best one, be it a student of any branch of knowledge or professional of any field.

Guys, just make search and make road for your own goodself.. there very few people who can help us else no body is there to whom you can get help.

okay let me allow to signof from here till next post.. thanks





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rahul के द्वारा

how do you know advantagous of riding on gadhu i think you already enjoyed it. Of oh sarmate nahi accha to ye bat hai nakal karte karte tumhare buttock me dard hone laga hai isliye practice chod de no problem i’ll wait till your your buttocks improves. O.k.

    nikhilbs09 के द्वारा

    well it is easy make comment on someone sitting in A.C. room sorry office, using company internet. I guess you’r working in some mnc whose network is handled through overseas. and when i saw t.v. commercial that time i learnt that you’r the right person to sit on ass, u the loser.

rahul के द्वारा

ori baba gussa nahi korte. Kuch accha kam karo mintos khao dimag ka batti jalao ab pata laga dusaro ki mehnat ki nakal karne me bhi apke buttock me dard hota hai vaise use apna batana ye wrong hota hai o.k. Never say bye bcoz ham hain rahi blog ke phir milenge likte likte.

    nikhilbs09 के द्वारा

    i won’t like to meet you in writing besides this I have my own way; however if you become successful to get any gist of my way than I ll myself catch you there.. till than you keep on to do monkey act. (may be u r the right one to ride on “gaddhu”)

rahul के द्वारा

महा बर्बाद,बेकार,बिल्कुल भी अच्छा नहीँ लगा। THANKS

    nikhilbs09 के द्वारा

    your welcome! Anyway… whatever pain one had in his buttock he knows only….and whatever work I have done to find that links and information that I had shared with you is just like a hint or clue to make your future good. And remember a deer never goes itself in the mouth of a Lion.. a Lion must have go for hunt… ok Rahul Lion. Thanks for your comment!

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